19 May 2012

In the hollow of His hand ....

'Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand....' Is. 40:12

That is a mighty big God!

I got stuck on that verse yesterday.
And, I am finding there are times when I need to slow down and really meditate on what I am reading - to truly attempt to grasp a mental image of what is being said.

Who is like God Almighty ...
Who has measured the waters (the oceans and seas and lakes) of the entire earth ...
In the hollow of His hand?

So, I actually tried to see just how much the hollow of my hand could hold.
I maxed out (without any spillage) at less than one tablespoon.

Yet He has measured all the waters in all the earth, IN HIS HAND ....
Not even two hands ... in the hollow of one hand


Therefore I can trust that He is well-able to address any and every need that might arise in my life.

My ability to handle those issues on my own ...
Well, about a tablespoon with the issues running between my fingers

His ability to handle those same issues ... LIMITLESS!

What is my tablespoon-size issue compared to the ocean-size capacity of His hand?

That's a comforting thought ....