08 January 2017

Endless Praise 2017: Undignified Praise

Good Afternoon!

I pray your new year is off to a great start! Here where I live in Virginia Beach, VA, we are starting the year with our first snow storm of the year. Yes, Virginia Beach only received 4-6 inches of snow yesterday. However, those amounts are debilitating for a city ill-equipped to handle any type of accumulation. 

Today, temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing, further complicating matters with issues of icy roads. We are officially under a snow-induced house arrest. Roads … horrendous. Temperature … freezing. Winds ... blowing. Even church was cancelled this morning!

However, my home church – Bridge Church – had an awesome time of praise and worship and prayer via Facebook Live! I am so thankful for my senior pastors Archie and Tangie Callahan. I am even more thankful for the Holy Spirit – whose presence filled my living room as I tuned in online. It was actually quite overwhelming.

That is the beautiful thing about praise – it can happen any time, any place, right where you are, no matter what you are experiencing. That same atmosphere that is present in physical environment of corporate worship is available – and was present – in our online gathering this morning. In fact, I think this snow was a blessing in disguise!

You see – there are times when praise and worship must be undignified!

There are those moments when the tears begin flowing almost immediately and uncontrollably – eyes red, voice shaking, hands trembling and nose running. It’s not pretty … but it is real and powerful! That is the praise and worship and prayer which took place this morning.

In II Samuel, chapter 6, verses 14-22 the tale is told of King David and his undignified, yet unashamed, praise before the LORD. It accounts how David’s wife, Michal, criticized him for exposing himself to the scrutiny of others as he danced and praised the LORD for His goodness.
The Message Version of the Bible records David’s response to Michal:

“In God’s presence I’ll dance all I want! … Oh yes, I’ll dance to God’s glory – more recklessly even than this. And as far as I’m concerned … I’ll gladly look like a fool!”

Haven’t we all had those moments? There are times when our praise cannot be contained and we do not care who sees, who hears, or how terrible we look. His is the only favor we seek. Sometimes, it is represented with a dance, at others times with a shout, and still other times with a cry …

Yet, whether you are in the position of having to expose your praise to the criticizing eye of others – or whether the LORD provides an opportunity for private undignified praise – as He did for me this morning while being snowed-in … the point is … to praise Him!

With everything we’ve got, with every feeling we possess, with every breath in our lungs … let’s set our minds – this year, every month, every day, moment-to-moment to praise the One who alone is worthy.

Here is a song we sang today …  I hope you enjoy it
All Sons and Daughters … Great Are You LORD

Have a Tremendously Blessed Week!

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